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View from a room balcony from the Cosmopolitian, Las Vegas.

View from a room balcony from the Cosmopolitian, Las Vegas.

Well we have taken a quick two night trip up to Las Vegas not only to photograph what is not only the most recent hotel and casino, but probably the last new hotel on the Strip for many years to come – The Cosmopolitan.  I not only wanted photos of the Cosmopolitan, but also wanted to take advantage of their amazing balcony views!

We are in one of the smallest rooms – it is still over half the size of our home!  Maybe that is more of a reflection of our home, but the place is nice.  We are here during one of the less expensive times – not only to save a bit of money, but to avoid the crowds.  Even at that, this place is still really hopping – seems to be the place to hang out these days.  Can’t imagine what the weekends are like.  I do know at times this room almost costs as much as our monthly house payment!

So, we are really here for the view and I’m doing everything I can to take advantage.  I have been shooting 3D and regular video and time-lapses, plus a wide range of stills including panoramics and HDR.  I worked late in to the night last night so that tonight after sunset we might be able to enjoy the property a bit.

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  1. Hey Ron

    That’s a killer photo man. Great work. Looks like you got a pretty sweet gig down there right now. — but, I’d still take the view from your house over this one. 🙂



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    You know I have enjoyed some very spectacular views from our tent, but this isn’t too shabby either for a change of pace 🙂

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  4. Saw this hotel when we were in Vegas at New Year and decided it was the ONLY place to stay on our next visit. What floor is your room on? I’ve seen views from higher up but they have that ‘looking down’ effect as if from a plane. Your view is nicer.

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    Thanks everyone!

    @ Carl – I agree, I’ll keep my view, but this was a nice change of pace for two days – I should say a big change of pace!

    @ Kathleen Good question. I really debated about how high I should be for the best view – we ended up a little lower then I thought, but in hindsight I think it was for the best. This was from the 31st floor, which is really only up 21 floors – they have a very strange way of numbering floors in Vegas.

  6. Ron & Janine, Great shot it was nice seeing you guys in Vegas, We’re back home, enjoy the rest of you trip spring is here but it is snowing today.

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  10. Dear Ron

    My name is Saul and i am from Spain. I am in love with this photo.
    I need to get this photo by email because i want to make a very big photo(lienzo in spain) for my bedroom.
    Can you help me??
    Thank you very much and very good work

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