Courthouse Towers, Arches National Park, Utah

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Courthouse Towers, Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah

Courthouse Towers, Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah

We were on our way to the Windows Section of Arches National Park early this morning. Unfortunately, the area was closed for road work. I understand it opens this afternoon.

So we decided to head back towards the Courthouse Towers to look for opportunities. I hadn’t explored this area before, so trying to find an interesting foreground in the dark, with a little headlight was a challenge. I was very fortunate to stumbled upon this little pool. The pool saved the morning!

This was captured right at first light. I have a similar composition captured a half hour before first light that looks very different. Maybe I will post it one day.

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  1. You were lucky to find a water pool, probably only there from last weekends storms. It makes a beautiful image. Make sure you walk out to Delicate Arch. Landscape Arch is pretty to, long and narrow.

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    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the tips! They are both on my list. I’m thinking I may wait for next week for Delicate Arch in order to time it with the full moon. I have never seen Landscape Arch – I’m looking forward to seeing that one.



  3. Did Carl help you pick this pic? No, really, just kidding. But both of you are so talented in these reflective pics. Stunning!

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    Thanks Klaus!

    Thanks Beth – Nope, Carl didn’t help me with this one – I don’t think he has much in the way of internet right now or I’m sure he would have something funny to say!


  5. Very fascinating place…one can only wish sometime to be in two places at same time…happen to me on numerious occassions…

    You have captured fantastic reflection!!! BRAVO

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