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I try to keep this blog pretty much photography related, but every now and then I have to throw in an non photography tidbit – like today, my niece Sydney Buck is gracing the front page of the Anchorage Daily News showing off her missing front teeth while skiing at Alyeska Ski Resort.  Pretty cool stuff! 

My sister says Alyeska received another 15 inches of snow last night – we are off to a good start this winter!  The skate skiing in Seward right now is awesome.  That sure makes it easier to be leaving that nice 80 degree desert weather.

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  1. Uncle Ron, you are the coolest to put this on your blog!!! Thanks so much! BTW…on the drive home tonight she lost yet another tooth! Two visits from the tooth fairy and two days in a row of great powder skiing…it just doesn’t get any better than that!!! 🙂

  2. That’s cool Ron! Before I clicked on the link and saw her age, I was a little confused by how excited you were that she was missing teeth. Only an Alaskan could appreciate an 80 degree day here in the desert. That’s hot.

  3. Post

    Wow Tawny, she is going to be rich! Rich and toothless.

    That is funny Richard – I guess if she was 20 something, that would be weird! You know 80 in the desert isn’t too bad for some reason, I guess because it is so dry. Now 80 in OC would be uncomfortable!


  4. She reminds me of when I had two front teeth missing as a child. My parents had me sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. Now we need a new song for three teeth!

    Proud grandma and mom, Gail

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