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  2. you live in paradise Ron, in Fargo if it’s not snowin’ the wind is blowin’ and if not a blowin’ it’s a floodin’:). p.s. thanks for the camera advise a few months back. i really enjoy your blog.

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  4. Hi Ron, just curious – does browsing damage come up as a topic much up there? This photo kind of made that come to mind for me because the pine to the rear of the moose is pretty much dead to the moose’s height. 🙂

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    I have never heard of a moose biting someone!

    Hi Mark,

    Good question Mark. Actually moose don’t browse on spruce much, I think it is just coincidence the tree is dead to that point. They do eat a lot of alder, but no one seems to care about them. Plus, moose seem to take a few bites and move on, not really doing damage to the vegetation.


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