Coyote, Chugach National Forest

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Coyote, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

Coyote, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

I spotted and photographed  this coyote last night – I think it was the same one I often spotted while skiing last winter.

Shortly after finding him, the coyote found a spruce grouse family with very small chicks.  The mother spruce grouse did an amazing broken wing acting job the the coyote compelty was fooled by.  The coyote took off chasing the mother bird some distance down the road, and she managed to stay enticingly close, but just out of reach.  Unfortunatly one the the chicks froze motionless right in the middle of the road!  I went and stood by the chick  so that it wouldn’t get hit by any passing vehicles.  Eventually, it moved back into the forest.  Nature sure can be fascinating to watch!

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    Thanks Dennis – it was moving quickly.

    Thanks Richard – Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t have to touch it.

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    I’m glad you were able to figure out what happened by my horribly written post! I was rushing to get out the door – but that was far worse the normal!

  3. Great picture, especially considering the low light and the coyote was moving. And love the story.

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