Crested Butte, Colorado

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Crested Butte, Colorado.

Crested Butte, Colorado.

Crested Butte is a really cool little ski town!  The old buildings in the main part of town have been carefully restored and colorfully painted – it is like this on both sides of the street for a number of blocks.  This town has a ton of character, and the surrounding area offers endless outdoor activities.

I had an extra bit of curiosity for seeing this place.  You see, my family has lived in the San Diego area for a number of generations, but when I was fairly young, my parents had decided to leave the Southern California rat race for the quiet life of a small town.  We ended up moving to Copper Center Alaska which is where I grew up, but at one point, they had strongly considered relocating to Crested Butte (or Bend, Oregon).  I can’t help but wonder a bit how life would be different had I grown up here.  I’m guessing I would have done a lot more downhill skiing, and a lot less whitewater rafting, although there is some good whitewater around here, so I guess I’ll never know.  Not that I have any regrets – Alaska was an awesome place to grow up!

Fall Color Update:  I know I have a number of Colorado readers, and with the weekend approaching, thought I better give a bit of a fall color update.  Really things have stalled out.  The recent stormy weather has left many stands of trees completely leafless, and turned the remaining yellow leaves dingy brown.  On the positive side, there are still large areas of green that I think could still turn bright yellow, and the clearing weather could really help them along as things seem to change fast.   But, this weekend doesn’t look as promising as I thought it would.  There are some great patches of color here and there, but I can’t really point to an area and say it is peaking right now, and we have done a lot of looking.

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