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  1. Very clean looking ram (for summer) and wonderful background. Starting to look like you had a productive trip: lynx, moose, dall’s sheep, and even some sun. Looking forward to more.

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    Thanks Milo – that was my first reaction as well – their coats were looking great for summer. It as a very productive trip, funny how some trips can be like that, and others, not so much. thanks!

    Thanks Dennis!

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  4. Beautiful! He looks like he’s posing for you. Where in Denali is this? The sheep looks pretty high up and I can’t see you hiking up all that way with your camera gear.

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    Jim it is restricted and challenging. I was fortunate enough to qualify for the privilege of a pro pass, and that does help a lot. I have done a lot of photography in Denali without a pass, sometimes using a mountain bike, sometimes just watching for a good opportunity like the moose / mountain or this sheep, and then getting off the bus – that really is key.

    You might find this helpful as well:


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  8. Beautiful shot! Are they unafraid of humans since they are National Park born and raised? Is it normal to be able to approach so closely?

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    Hi Karen. Since they are not hunted, they really do not have any fear of humans. If you sit quietly, it isn’t unusual for them to approach relatively closely.

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