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  1. Awesome shot, love the colors. The one time I have been to Alaska was in the winter so I didn’t get to see anything but snow. Plus with being a truck driver I didn’t have time to stop and use my camera much.

  2. Nice meeting you in person 🙂

    Your persistence has paid off, that is pretty close and yet he seems at peace.

    Thanks for the tip. I managed to see around 20 caribou on the last evening/morning. The highlight was following a herd of 5 big guys who were strolling aimlessly.

    Stuck with some work now, will post some pics on the alaska forum in npn in a week or so.


  3. Post

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Anand It was nice to meet you as well. We spent a day following that band of 5 way up into the hills – there were a couple of monsters in that group!

    @ Carl This was Sept 1 and he really hadn’t started losing his velvet yet. We still had some losing velvet on Sept 3.

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