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Mt. Mc Kinley (Denali to most Alaskan's), Denali National Park, Alaska.

Mt. Mc Kinley (Denali to most Alaskan's), Denali National Park, Alaska.

As I try to power away on the office work, I can’t help but to day dream away about Alaska’s upcoming summer – it is why most people live here!  In just a few weeks we will be back in Denali – a time of year that can be great for baby animals.  I’m excited to get back up there.

It seems like in the past week or two we have sold a lot of photos of Denali for various book and calendar projects.  Funny how it works – we might go many months without making a sell for a particular subject like Denali, then all of a sudden we see a bunch of activity – then it can go right back to nothing for months.  You would think it would trickle in, but often it doesn’t.  That is why it really helps to have a wide variety of subject matter.

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    Hi Richard – yeah, your trip is short – you definitely won’t be ready to leave! Thanks.

    Thanks Dennis – I really hope you are able to see the mountain while you are here – it is an amazing experience that photos can’t do justice.

  2. Howdy Ron. Check in prior to your arrival and I will provide the latest wildlife sitings. You going in on a Pro Pho permit? First Moose calves seen Thursday and plenty of bears in the front country last two days. Blue Skies.

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  5. I’m am green with envy. Denali has eluded me as a destination for far too long. I look forward to seeing what you return with. The landscape is so amazingly beautiful there and its always uplifting to see the wildlife there. Of course while traveling be safe.

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    Thanks a lot Jim. You have been to some remote portions of Alaska, so it surprises me you haven’t been to Denali – hopefully soon!

  7. Hi:

    Your photos are unbelievable! I have never seen any photos with such demension and clarity. Great job!!! I too share your love of wolves. They are so captivating. Now, the Lynx scare me. I don’t sense the same peace and serenity that wolves wear.

    Thank you for your pictures.

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