Denali Light

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Mountain light, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Mountain light, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Can you see the Dall Sheep in this image?

Janine has pushed hard to get some of our new images from earlier this summer on the website and has updated our section of Denali National Park photos with new pictures from our two trips up there this past summer.

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  1. Beautiful, Ron! BTW, thanks for the great idea. Next time I take a shot down by the lake with one of my old scratched lenses, I’ll just ask my friends if they can see the “snake.” 😉

  2. Aside from this being an exceptional image with the fog, the sheep are in such a perfect spot that it was the first thing my eye went to.

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  5. The fog in this image really brings out the details in the mountains. I would have never guessed that those white dots were sheep but it does draw my attention to them. This picture is overall a great composition where the different elements play off each other.

  6. When I visited Denali years ago, I met an animated little lady at the train station who insisted they should be called “dot sheep” because that’s all she could see on her shuttle bus trip.

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  8. Okay, Ron, I love this photo! It’s beautiful and the colors with the fog, my fave sites. But you asking me to look for the sheep brought up bad childhood memories, my folks as we’re driving to Anchorage sayin, “Can’t u see ’em? Look, it’s right there (me, pre-glasses) “No, I don’t see anything.” ‘rents: “They’re the white things on the mountain!” me: “I see white, but I think it’s snow…” Siblings:”I see them,I see them!” You get the picture 🙂 Awesome work though, Ron, ABSOLUTELY love it! Thank you for sharing it, you have an incredible gift!

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    Hi Ruthie,

    Hey that does bring back memories – our family did the same thing, and before contacts, I always had trouble finding them! Thanks a lot Ruthie!


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