Denali Road Guide

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Denali Road Guide

Since getting covers is still a lot of fun, I have been posting copies of them on this blog.  This is a newly updated version of the popular Denali Road Guide.  I am really proud to not only have the cover, but to be the main photographer for the inside images as well.  There were a couple of subjects I didn’t have which were provided by other photographers. 

I think this small, inexpensive guide is a must have for any first time visitors to Denali National Park, Alaska, especially if you are taking the bus.  It provides a good overview of the different areas you will see along the way, and touches on the wildlife, history and geology.  We don’t have copies for sale at this time, I don’t even see them on our publisher’s website, but hopefully soon.

You can go to our main website here to see more Denali National Park photos.

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