Denali Road Guide Wins Award

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Denali Road Guide

The Denali Road Guide – a must have for first time visitors to Denali National Park, Alaska – won a really cool award recently.  Here is the email I received:

Congratulations! The Denali Road Guide wins top honor in the Maps and Guides category of the Association for Partners of Public Lands Media and Partnership Awards announced last night. Judges comments included: high quality photos, well written text, useful design with spiral binding, fun and interesting.”

In my opinion, most the credit goes to the super talented Chris Byrd for the design, along with Kris Capps for the great writing, but it was nice to see the photos receive some recognition as well. 

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  1. We left Yellowstone the 7th of June 2007…we were one of those few who watched old faithful in the am…and there were 3 or 4 of us!

    We will be traveling to Denali next and I really like to see wildlife…we backpack…any suggestions?

  2. Post

    Hi Mary,

    You might have even been in one of my Old Faithful Photos!

    You know the wildlife isn’t a plentiful in Denali as in Yellowstone, but there are some wonderful opportunities, especially to see bears, caribou moose and wolves. They are spread out all through out Denali.

    Out by Wonder Lake you can have some wonderful views of “The Mountain”, but the bugs will be really bad this time of year. You might want to backpack a little more East of Eielson in the hills – fewer bugs! You might not have a lot of choices, the Park Service breaks down the back country by unit, and only allows so many people in at one time. That makes it nice though, you will have an area almost to yourself.

    If you are car camping, or have a little RV, then the only place to camp is Teklanika (Tek). They will allow you to drive all 30 miles to this campground – this saves 60 miles a day on the bus, and that area can have a lot of wildlife as well.

    This link might be of help as well:

    Have fun!


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