Desert Bighorn, Valley of Fire

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Desert Bighorn, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Desert Bighorn, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

I have visited and written about Valley of the Fire State Park before, but I still forget what a wonderful gem this place is – Southern Utah gets all the red rock attention, but this place is really sweet. 

I spent a fair amount of time with this guy – this was captured after sunset, I really prefer this time of day for these desert animals.  Otherwise the sun is just too harsh. 

I hope you don’t get too tired of photos from Valley of Fire, but I have a few I want to share over the next couple of days.

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  1. That’s one place I wish I had explored more while living in the southwest. Especially knowing that there’s bighorn sheep there! Great shot and the colors look great!

  2. That really is a nice shot with the red background. Is there a section of the park that you have found that you see these? I have been several times and haven’t ran into them yet!

    Again, nice picture!

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    Thanks Mike!

    Hi Chris, Thanks! This guy was in the Jumble of Rocks area near the Arch Campgrounds near the West entrance. I wasn’t looking for sheep, just hiking around and exploring when I stumbled upon this guy. I was able to find him again much later that day – definitely a nice treat!


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  5. Hey Ron,

    Always enjoy your wildlife stuff – it’s good to see you shooting more of it. Keep it up and you’ll be back to peanut butter and jelly everyday. 🙂



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    Thanks Carl – wildlife has to be my favorite subject – wildlife is just cool to watch even without the camera!

    You mean no more bread and water!


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