Desert Bighorn – Valley of Fire

Ron Niebrugge Las Vegas, Nevada, Travel 4 Comments

Desert Bighorn, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Desert Bighorn, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

I spotted this guy in Valley of Fire last week.  As beautiful as the scenery is in this State Park, it is also one of the better places in the Southwest to find Desert Bighorns.

This guy looked a little haggard.  Later in the day I found a band of about 11 big, beautiful rams, but they weren’t nearly as approachable as this guy.

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  1. Nice one Ron!
    Saw some females along with their young near Nelson.
    Didn’t see any male Bighorns and these ones were skittish.

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  3. Looks like he’s along in years and probably doesn’t feel as threatened by people as the younger ones. He may have dropped out of the dating scene too.

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