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I’m happy to report that my automatic water system and bird feeder both worked great this past summer despite some damage to the water lines by javelina. We had all the regular visitors including a couple of types of owls, skunks along with the wildlife I’m showing here from the game cam. Best news – looks like our fox pair had 4 offspring! Click on each photo for a description and some interesting details.

Our javelinas had two little babies.
Beautiful bobcat was another occasional visitor.
Red-tailed hawk was a regular.
Six gray fox in one photo! It might be easier to spot if you could see the frames before and after this one, but there are 4 at the water, one on the pipe (pushing it down brings out extra water) and one more in the wash. I believe this is the adult pair and 4 offspring.
So the javelina dug up the water line, and then eventually broke the pipe. This left the remainder sticking up in the air, and probably reduced the amount of water, but it still worked. I replace and reburied the pipe last week.

What is funny is that they started to figure out the timing of the water, and would lay in wait which is what you see here.
We have cottontail rabbits on the property all the time, and I see black tailed jackrabbits frequently about a mile and a half away. This was the first sighting of a jackrabbit on the property.
Even deer
Coyotes visited a few times, including two one night.

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  1. I was waiting for this update! Great news and great job creating and planning the water system during your absence. I love the images and reports coming out of AK, but this place and project has a special place in my heart. Simply amazing!

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