Desert Tortoise

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Desert Tortoise

Desert Tortoise.

I was thrilled to finally see a wild desert tortoise last weekend.  On top of being a threaten species, these tortoise spend more then 95% below ground in burrows.  That combination makes them a rare sight.

I spotted one while mountain biking last weekend, but by the time I returned to my vehicle and grabbed my camera, I was unable to find her.  I have looked for her everyday since then – how far can a tortoise go!  I finally spotted her again yesterday while doing some more mountain biking photos.  This time I had my camera –   what a treat! 

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    Thanks Richard!

    They really do blend in with the rocks. You can get pretty close without really bothering them. This was with my 100-400 at 400. When we first found her, she went into her shell, but I laid down and watched and after a few minutes she popped back out and then walked off. It was really cool.


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