Desert Wildflower Bloom Update

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Farmer's Market, Borrego Springs, California.

Farmer's Market, Borrego Springs, California.

With the weekend just about upon us, I know lots of people are looking for an update to the desert wildflower bloom.  Posting a photo of the wonderful Friday Farmer’s Market probably speaks volumes.  🙂

There is a vary wide variety of small wildflowers blooming in this area right now, and “pedal peepers” who are on the hunt for unique and pretty desert wildflowers won’t be disappointed.  The large carpets of wildflowers that have made this area famous, and that are preferred by most photographers haven’t developed yet.   This, coupled with foretasted winds is why I really can’t recommend visiting this weekend.  I found some wonderful fields of Purplemat this morning, so there are opportunities, but I really think next weekend and the following will be far better.  Stayed tuned here for more updates.

Hey speaking of the next two weekends, I have just one spot remaining for the first weekend of my Anza-Borrego desert photo tour / workshop.  The second one is full.

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  1. Hey Ron,
    Thanks for the update. We were planning on heading out next weekend.

    Will send you a report from the suthern end of the Park.


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  3. Wow, wonderful array. There are just a few wildflowers in the Phoenix area and we are having snow here in Sedona today. Flag should get 9 more inches on top of the 108 they’ve had so far, but that’s nothing campared to Seward I guess.

  4. Thanks for the update Ron. I, as well, will be heading out in the next few weekends. Will also report back and look forward to any great spots you may find. BTW, really like the Agave photo.

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    Hi Joni – wow I can’t believe how much snow Flagstaff has received! I was hoping there would be more flowers in the Phoenix area, it might be a bit early.

    Thanks Steve – look forward to your reports!

  6. Hi, Ron,
    I’m am eager to see your wildflower reports especially since my area is cold and gray. It will be a welcome change if only on my computer screen. I have already been enjoying your wonderful photos.

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