Dinosaur Night Sky

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Dinosaur sculpture against a night sky, Anza-Borrego, California.

Dinosaur sculpture against a night sky, Anza-Borrego, California.

Last night I set up a couple of simultaneous time-lapses of the night sky here near Borrego Srings.  It was a perfect, warm, moonless night for such activity!

This is a single frame from one of the time-lapses.  This was shot on a moving 6 foot ramp made for just such purposes.  I had a second camera in a stationary position – so from the camera I have a time-lapse, and I can stack the images and make a long star trail image.  At some point I will probably do both, but don’t know that I will try them while working from a laptop on the road.

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  1. Wow that’s amazing how you have one camera moving and another stationary, then overlap them via photoshop. I actually never heard of such a thing, Thanks!

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    Hi James,

    Thanks! I wasn’t very clear – actually I won’t combine the footage – I’ll end up with two separate clips, one moving and one still. Although the still version could be stacked to make a single frame on star trails.

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  4. Have you done it before ? In my experience, stacking TL images doesn’t work well. For the TL, you want to shoot wide-open maybe f1.4 to f2.0 (to have bright stars), but this isn’t so good for stacked star trails which seem to require about f4.0.

  5. WOW. I stumbled onto your blog because of the moon tonight. Your photography is awesome. As a scrapbooker, I’m really into great pictures. Also love me some dinosaurs & my state of Hawaii!!! Mahalo nui & Aloha.

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    Thanks Candy – glad you found it as well! Really enjoyed your beautiful state last Fall.

    Thanks Russ – they are cool.

    QT Interesting – I haven’t created a star trial image before.

  7. Wonderful and more treats to look forward to!! When I saw the image I did wonder if one of my “residents” had escaped!!!

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