Downtown LA at Night

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Downtown LA at Night

Downtown Los Angeles at night.

It is kind of funny, I’m comfortable in the back country of Alaska by myself, but I wasn’t comfortable at all running around LA with my camera gear.  I actually hired an off-duty police officer to escort me.  It was money well spent. 

I think many photographers would be just the opposite, thinking nothing of shooting in LA, but would hire a guide to go into the back country of Alaska. 

This was about a 30 second exposure.  It is interesting to note, it looks like at least a few people changing lanes used their blinkers. 

Here are more Los Angeles photos.

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  1. I agree about being nervous in LA at night! Thankfully my boyfriend usually accompanies me when I shoot. I feel much more comfortable knowing that someone is looking out for me when I’m focused on the viewfinder.

  2. Hello;

    Your photos are gorgeous, I was scouting the web for LA Freeway images and came across yours..could you tell me from which vantage point you took these photos? Do you know which freeways these are for certain? I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.


    Ronit Hillary Garjy

  3. Post

    Hi Ronit,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    You know I really don’t know downtown LA at all. I actually hired a LA cop to take me around because I knew I didn’t have a clue. I can tell you this was on the North side of downtown.

  4. I know this is an extremely late reply but I Googled “Downtown LA” and came upon this photo. I just wanted to note that it looks like you were either at the 4th St or 6th St overpass over the 110 freeway; looks more like 6th Street. Anyhow, this is a great photo. I live in LA and about a month ago got into nighttime photography and I mainly only venture out into about a 6 or 7 block area that has 24 hour security guards. I took a similar shot to this one (not nearly as nice) a few weeks ago and was scared to death that something was going to happen to me while shooting. I don’t think I’ve ever been so paranoid shooting pictures.

  5. Post

    Hey thanks for the comment Jeff.

    I don’t remember the street, it has been a couple of years – seems like a tried a few in that area.

    I know what you mean about being paranoid, I wouldn’t have done it without the cop. We had one big mean looking guy really checking us out – the officer took care of the problem, I’m not really sure how, I think he opened his jacket up enough to show his weapon and that took care of it.

    Good luck and be safe!


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