Downtown Las Vegas

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Laser show, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Laser show, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

We found this vantage point last year after making our way through a 3 story mall on the south end of Fremont Street.  This year we returned, and found the mall dark and vacant, still physically open.  Now I gotta admit, there are a lot of people walking around downtown Las Vegas who I would rather not run into in a dark alley, or a dark mall for that matter, especially while carrying two expensive cameras and tripods (one was for shooting time-lapses).

We got set up and photographed the light show while nervously watching over our shoulders the whole time.  Once the show wrapped up, I quickly folded up the tripods and we bolted for the exit with a feeling of relief, when suddenly 3 young guys came around the corner walking right towards us,  saying something about cameras.  These guys looked like trouble and there was no one else around.  I gotta admit my heart began to race a bit as a put my hand in my jacket and readied the bear spray.  I smiled and nodded hi, acting as relaxed as possible, and they did the same.  Janine and I slipped into the elevator and watched the doors slowly close, breathing a huge sigh of relief as it began to lower us to the relative safety of the crowded street – one with plenty of police presence!

This a a combination of two images exposed 3 stops apart.

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  1. Glad your upbringing readied you for the big city, bear spray is definitely the weapon of choice. You two better take it easy, times are tough out there right now (as if you didn’t know).

  2. Ron,
    Isn’t it funny that we’d be more at ease if the 3 guys would’ve been a grizzly bear? Okay, maybe not a grizzly bear with cubs but…

  3. Nice Image, it’s always scary when questionable people are around. There is some thiefs around the temple square area in Salt lake City, a lot of photographers go there to photograph weddings, ( that’s how they are earning there living), a number of the have been cased followed and there equipment ripped off. A lady photographer from Salt Lake City had $20,000 in equipment ripped off this week. I hope they catch them real soon.

  4. Post

    Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, the bear spray has given me more peace of mind around people more often the bears I think.

    I think you are right Julie!

    That is a sad story Dennis – I hope they can catch them.


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