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The light rail Valley Metro and Phoenix Convention Center North, Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

The light rail Valley Metro and Phoenix Convention Center North, Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

This photo epitomizes one of the reason we returned to Phoenix.  Two years ago, the downtown streets were completely torn up due to the construction of the Valley Metro light rail project, and this block was giant construction project as they were hard at work on this brand new convention center.  The downtown area is much nicer now that these big projects are completed.

As a side note, I found it difficult to capture a photo of the Valley Metro without an accompanying automobile even on the weekend.  It didn’t take me long to realize that the train appeared to control the signals at all but a couple of the busiest intersections, and I’m sure it didn’t take drivers long to figure that out either.  So a car that mirrored the speed of the train could be assured of hitting most signals during a green light.  The few lights it didn’t seem to control were major arteries running perpendicular to the rail and I assumed must be timed signals for traffic flow.  How is that for more then you ever wanted to know about downtown Phoenix traffic!

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  1. Well, I found that interesting!

    From Australia, best wishes for a Happy Easter, Ron, and to your family.


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  3. Thanks Ron, The last time we were down there, it was a “work in progress”. I remember getting stuck in construction traffic many times. It will be nice to see the finished project in a couple of weeks.

  4. Wow I only left a year and a half ago and doesn’t look like anything I saw while I was there! I might have to head down that way while I’m there and check it out. Great shot too! It actually almost looks like a really good 3D rendering.

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    Thanks Kathi – you guys will have to check out downtown while here. Sorry we will miss you this time.

    Thanks Mike – you will be surprised at the change! Too bad we leave before you get here as it would have been nice to meet you in person!

  6. Always challenging to get all the elements to line up. It appears that if the train had come 5 or 10 minutes later it would have been nicely front lit by the sun, instead of being in the shadows. And if the car had been 2 seconds slower, it would not have been in the frame at all. Great location nicely shot. I do wonder about the architecture. What is that chaotic mess of steel hanging over the building? It looks like they had a bunch of small oil dericks that they stuck to the front of the building and then added fencing panels. I often wonder about architects. Looks like you are having another productive adventurous trip.
    When do you come back to AK? Sniff a few flowers for me!

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    Hi Calvin,

    You are exactly right – great observation! The sun was perfect, but then as I waited and waited it slowly lifted and moved off the tracks – then the car, so close! I’m sure those steal decorations overhead weren’t cheap!

    We are home in just less then two weeks – loving the weather, but it will be nice to be home.


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