Doyle Brunson

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Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

The legendary poker player, Doyle Brunson at the WPT Festa al Lago tournament, at the Bellagio, in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a treat to watch and photograph such a famous player!

Needless to say, we have now moved on from Moab.

Since I’m covering this tournament for our travel stock coverage of Las Vegas, and not as a news event, I decided to head back to camp on this day, after getting photos of most the big names. I mean, what am I going to miss? It isn’t like Michael Phelps, winner of 14 Olympic gold medals is going to walk into the room.

You guessed it – literally minutes after I left, Michael Phelps – probably the biggest celebrity in the world right now, walked into the room! These poker players are playing for almost $1.5 million dollars, but despite the high stakes, the tournament came to a stop with his presence. I know this is true, because I have now seen a bunch of photos of Michael on the back of tourist cell phones. He posed with everyone, was as nice as he seemed on TV – and I – well, I did get a nice nap. Ugh!

Below is Doyle Brunson last night on day 3 of the tournament.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Well, at last! I finally hear a tale about you being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. So it DOES happen to you?

    Sorry you missed the opp with Michael – what an athlete he is, eh?

    Travel safe.



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    Hey Carl,

    Yeah, he is the man. It is cool to hear he is a good guy.

    Hi Richard – good memory! That was going to be my next blog post – how this time I made the arrangements for press credentials so I didn’t get thrown out!



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  4. Funny yet sad at the same time Ron 🙂
    Seeing as how you have some experience tracking wild animals for photos I’m sure if you really wanted to you could have tracked down Michael Phelps afterwards. The question is would you have captured him in some unique fashion that would have set your photo apart from the sea of other photos of him out there. It would have been a great perk to photograph him sure… but your poker photos are great. Best to laugh at such circumstances.

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    Hi Jim,

    Yeah I think you are exactly right – Janine and I talked about that, the photos really would have been of little value, but it would have been to see him.

    You are also right on tracking him down – we had a few tips as to where he would be, but didn’t really bother.

    Thanks Jim,


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