Driftwood and Mt Alice

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Mount Alice viewed from some beach driftwood, Seward, Alaska.

Mount Alice viewed from some beach driftwood, Seward, Alaska.

I located this cool looking stump on the beach about a month ago, and have intended to photograph it for some time now.  I can see myself returning to this spot and trying different compositions in varying light.   This was from last night at about 10:15.

Since the sun was off the driftwood, I played around with some off camera flash.  It probably would have been better with two flashes, but I just had one with me.  This was with my 24-105mm lens set at 32, with my aperture set at the smallest opening of f/22 to maximize the depth of field.  Shutter speed was 1/5 of a second.  I had to bump the ISO up to 400 to increase the strength of the flash which I had manually set to full strength (1:1).  I hand held the flash off to the left of the driftwood.

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    Hi Sunny,

    LOL – well the sun was just hitting the top of the peaks, so it must have been close to sunset, maybe 10:30?

    Thanks – I did capture a version just like you described and liked it as well as it tended to but more emphasis on the mountain.

    I like your creativity! I did a little puddle photography this winter: http://www.my-photo-blog.com/toby-keith-reflection

    Thanks for the comment!

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