Elk Skeleton

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Elk Skeleton

Yesterday while hiking around in this steep canyon looking for landscape opportunities, I stumbled across the remains of a magnificent 6 x 6 bull elk!  Predators most not have found the carcass as even the leg bones were completely intact and connected to the body.  The rack lacked velvet, he must have died last fall or winter, it makes you wondered what could have happen to such a huge bull in his prime.  Maybe he was past his prime and died of old age.

Soon after this Janine spotted a fox, and we ended up following it ways up the steep mountain side.  It was here we found the bones of at least 2, and possibly 3 more elk.  These had obviously been devoured by predators as the bones were scattered around a large area.  This is prime wolf and bear habitat, and an area I have seen few elk – it is easy to see why!

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  2. Are you kidding, I’m the first one to take off running…with the bear spray! I’m the bait 🙂

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  4. wow thats cool man if i were there i would try to offer the park ranger some help then if he says thanks for help how can i repay you i wouid say an elk skeleton an he says what ok ? ill say that im a bone and skull colecttor but that from my stand point ok guy

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  6. yes ron today i find a female elk skeleton the full thing the 1 weedend a go i find a 5 bye 5 deer skull its nice oh yeh the ivory was gon but it was the full skull and full spine the legs were gone

  7. 2/22/2010
    Ron –
    I have just spent my 2nd evening looking at the photos on your blogs – and I am still going thru them in a “back to previous” manner. I have been dabbling in photography for 45 years and, put quite simply: YOURS ARE THE BEST PHOTOS I HAVE EVER SEEN – ARTISIC EPITOME IN COMPOSITION, EXCEEDING THE SCALE OF TEN ON IMPACT! May GOD continue to bless your creative genius.

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