Engineer Pass, Colorado

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Engineer Pass, Colorado.

Looking up towards Engineer Pass, Colorado.

We have moved down to Gunnison Colorado and are now trying to figure our way around this new area.  I think we are a tad early for the fall colors, which is good as it gives up more time to scout around this beautiful region.  Yesterday we explored down a couple of long dirt roads towards Engineer Pass and then Cinnamon Pass, both were a couple of great looking areas above the cool little town of Lake City, Colorado.  We look forward to returning as the colors progress.

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  1. Fabulous images of the fall colors Ron…..My favorite is the Sunset image showing the Bull Elk crossing your path in the foreground. Excellent composition and use of the ND Filter. Envy you 🙂 It must be fabulous at this time of the year in RMNP and Gunnison with the Aspens turning golden.

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  3. Beautiful shot! I am browsing your images for inspiration! I will be in the Crested Butte area by Saturday evening. I hope to get images half and beautiful as yours.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Frank – was just up and around Crested Butte last night, it has a ways to go. The trees that had turned yellow lost their leaves with this recent weather, the rest are still very green, especially over on Kempler Pass. Hopefully they change more by this weekend!


  5. Ron,
    Reports are that the fall colors on Molas Pass and Red Mountain Pass south of Ouray are good now (from a non photographer). You may already have your trips planned out though. You can go up over Cinnamon Pass to Silverton to Hwy 550 (paved) and go south or north for great views. You can also head to Montrose on 50 from Gunnison and turn off to the west and go over Owl Creek Pass (Silver Jack Reservoir area) to the Ridgway area. Or you can continue on 50 to Montrose and then head south on 550. Probably the fastest route.
    I haven’t been there so who knows how good the colors are, but heading out tomorrow for the weekend to check it out. Telluride is often gorgeous too with incredible mountains.

    Good luck with chasing the colors!

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    Thanks Paul!

    Thanks a lot Valerie – that is some great advice, I have my maps out now and am looking at the options – I appreciate it!


  7. Really now Ron – did you find it absolutely necessary to chop down the trees in the middle to clear the view? The things some guys will do for a shot. 😉

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    LOL. You know, there were a couple of trees down right here and I kinda wondered if someone hadn’t done it on purpose. Looked more like a truck or something hit them – but hey, might as well take advantage of the gap! 🙂

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    Hi Joni, the top of the pass was pretty rough – we didn’t go over the top in our 4×4 truck. You can still see a lot of it without it being too bad, at least from the Lake City side.

    Jack, I don’t know, we are now in Moab.

  10. I’ll have to try that! I went NE from Silverton and got beyond Gladstone when a couple of guys in real 4x4s advised me against going farther. They took one look at this little old lady with her disabled husband and 90+ year old uncle, which was bad enough, but I’m sure it was the vehicle that really aroused their anxiety. We were just above timberline as I recall, but pretty area. Does one get above timberline pretty fast coming in the other way? Do you think a Subaru would make it far enough to be interesting?

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    Hi Joni,

    You describe quit the image!

    I think you can get a fair ways and can see some pretty neat country up that road with just your Subaru. If fact, where I captured this photo, someone had towed a 5 th wheel trailer! I becomes obvious where it begins to get rough, and just turn around there – it isn’t worth taking any chances. The timberline is a long way up there – we drove a long ways and never got above timberline – you do need a pretty good 4×4 to get above timberline.



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