Eucalyptus Tree

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Eucalyptus tree along the Hana Highway, Maui.

Eucalyptus tree along the Hana Highway, Maui.

There are some well publicized, colorful Eucalyptus trees along the Hana Highway.  This isn’t one of them.  Further down the “highway”, I spotted some colorful Eucalyptus branches rising high out of one of the numerous gullies.  I thought, if they are that colorful up high, I can only imagine what the base might look like.  It was a steep climb down into the gully, but I was not disappointed – these things were awesome!  And as an added benefit – people (I use them term lightly) hadn’t had the chance to carve their names into the bark like they have the ones that are more accessible.

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  1. Dear mr. Niebrugge,
    I discovered your website by a mere coincidence. Since then I enjoyed your photos very much, you are a great photographer.
    I am wondering wether you have Dutch ( or Belgian) ancestors. The name Niebrugge is familiar to me.

    Haijo de Jong

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