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Nature Valley Billboard

Last winter I shared the original version of this photo in my Seward comes to Los Angeles post, and talked about how it was going to appear on billboards in the Los Angeles area over a 12 week period – this is how the actual billboard looked.

What I didn’t know; this was a test market, and fortunately the test went well.  So now Nature Valley and their ad agency liscended the image for unlimited billboard use nationwide for one year!  It will appear primarily in hispanic markets in major cities across the U.S.  Pretty cool.

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  1. Congratulations Ron! That is great news and a great image. And by the way, those things make great snacks!!!

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  4. Hey, I think they did some Photoshopping to your image there, Ron. 😉


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    Thanks Jim,

    You know we asked, but unfortunately never did find out. The person we were dealing with wasn’t the one who found the images. It would have been nice to know what efforts or marketing expenditures made the difference.


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