Fabulous Alaska and Yukon

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Ulysse travel guide to Alaska and the Yukon.

Ulysse travel guide to Alaska and the Yukon.

I haven’t hit you with any shameless shelf promotion in awhile, so I figured it was ok to work this one in – the cover of the Ulysse travel guide to Alaska and Yukon!  If you look close, you can see that Janine barely survived the crop on the right.  Even at the time I captured this photo I had hoped to place Janine a little more in front of the mountain, but with the land climbing sharply to my right, and Janine being in an area where you aren’t allowed off the trail – this was about as close as I could get.

Long time subscribers here may remember another cover we did for Ulysse.

It is a really nice looking guide book, that is if you speak French.

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  1. Very beautiful cover Ron. The nice benefit of that barely there Janine crop is the vanishing point lines leading up to her. It really leads your eyes in.

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