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  2. I have seen this plant before, but never knew what it was actually. It is a great shot Ron. I think this would also look amazing in B&W.

  3. Ron, I have a question for you. I’m sorry that it’s not really linked to your post, but is more general in nature. What general / practical advice do you give to aspiring photographers who really have no clue about the logistics of the profession, but have a nice digital camera, an Apple computer, an eye for a good photo, and a love of photography? I have so many questions that I feel are simple, but that seem to be impossible to answer. For example, I love photography, and I take a ton of pictures, and really try to give them as much life and impact as I can with my limited editing skills. But no one’s ever said hey, you should sell that, or hey, you should do this professionally. I would love it if they did! I currently live in Costa Rica, and am trying to really take advantage of being here in terms of photography, but it’s hard to find the resources to know if I’m on the right path. I often see photos on display here and think to myself “I could do that”. And I wouldn’t try to sell it for $100!

    So…what makes the good professional photo worth so much more than the good amateur photo? The paper it’s printed on? The editing? The reputation?

    Thanks for any insight!


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    Thanks Mark, I agree – I might have to try a b & w version.

    Hi Megan,

    It sounds like you are talking about prints. I think it is important to print you images on quality, archival paper, and reputation helps a little, but I think today, the image is everything. If a photo really strikes a cord with someone, they won’t have a problem paying $100 for a photo print as long as that is within their budget, if they don’t like the image, it wouldn’t matter if you were charging $10, they won’t buy it. I know of a number of amateurs who make top dollar with their images because they have beautiful images and are will to put them out there. If you have the photos, there isn’t any reason you can’t do the same.

    I love Costa Rica – you are fortunate to be living there!

    Hope that helps,


    The person getting a $100 is just willing to put his or her stuff out there and willing to ask

  5. Hi Ron, Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it. It can be difficult as an amateur photographer not to get lost in the intense photo editing and processing that often follows the actual taking of the picture. What I really like about your site and the advice you offer is that it sticks to the basics, and focuses on the importance of the elements of what makes a good image. As silly as it sounds, I think I needed to hear from a pro that the image is still what matters most. Thanks, again! -Megan

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