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Since I take off to Antarctica in the morning, I’m pretty sure this will be my last post for the next 3 weeks as I’ll have very limited internet.

This has become somewhat of an annual deal thanks in part to my friend Jim Goldstein.

For fun, here are my favorite photos of 2011favorite photos of 2010  –  favorite photos of 2009 and finally, favorite photos of 2008.

So here are my top 10 and why.  Click on thumbnail for a larger view.

Full moon with whale

Spending 3 days by myself in a rental boat in Fredrick Sound battling bad weather and even hitting a rock made this amazing moment even more special!


Bear with Cubs

These three cute cubs standing next to their mom came from one of my bear photo tours.  This was my biggest “viral” success – on Goggle + it hit the 500 comment limit in just hours and was shared and given a plus 1 by thousands – guessing that strange language only means something to a few people, but in short, it was well liked.


 Aurora over Seward

This rare event turned out to be one of our best selling prints this year even though we have only had this image for a few months.


Anza-Borrego Dry Lake

We have been visiting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park for years and usually an image from here makes the top 10.  Hard to get a pretty picture that also illustrates concepts like drought.


Pedersen Lagoon Canoes

According to the Travel Channel (and I agree) Aialik Bay in Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the top 10 amazing places in the world!  I’m lucky to live so close to such an amazing place.  Pedersen Lagoon feeds into Aialik Bay.


 Vegas Reflections

I do a fair amount of travel photography, and spent a bit of time in Las Vegas, so it is only fitting that such a subject would find its way into the top 10.  This is the pool of the Cosmopolitan reflecting in a nearby building.


 Pollen Puddle

I never thought my daily walk to the Post Office would lead to an image on my top 10 list, but this one has grown on me.


Mat Su Valley Autumn

One from a wonderful trip to the Mat Su Valley this past Fall.


Chugach Snow

We had a lot of snow last winter, so it seems fitting that a snowy image makes the top 10 – especially considering it is from my favorite running trail; the Lost Lake Trail.


 Sunrise Bear

Getting a Brown Bear at sunrise can be challenging.  Fortunately this year I had a few wonderful mornings with bears!


Honorable Mentions

These are photos that I still really liked and just couldn’t leave out of my list.


Northern Lights

Only wanted one Northern Lights photo in the top 10 – but this could have easily been one of them!


Badlands Moon

One of the two images from Anza-Borrego Desert State Park I considered for the list.


Bear Hug

I thought these two were really cute!  Bear photos could have made up my entire favorite 10 list!


Sedona Snow – Snowdona

Seeing Sedona covered with  half a foot of fresh snow was wonderful!

Seward Boat Harbor

Even though I’m partial to my hometown, I could only have one boat harbor image in the top 10 – so the aurora image won out.


Lost Dutchman State Park

I really enjoy the desert – especially in the spring!


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  1. LOVE, love, love your work. I am so blessed by the beauty you share. thank you and may your 2013 bring even more beauty into your life to share. You are a special soul.
    Gail P. Smith

  2. All were just fantastic! I think it is neat that I was right by your side for two of the bear pictures…well I should say right behind you on the one with the momma and cubs as they moved just before they stood up and put me behind you 🙁 LOL!!
    Thanks for a great bear trip last summer.
    Happy New Year to you and Janine!

  3. Ron, I don’t know how you’d ever pick top 10! You have so many gorgeous pictures. Thank u for sharing! Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hey Ron,

    Awesome, as ever. I hadn’t seen the standing bears before, killer shot.

    Happy New Year.



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  6. Oh man, what a collection! “Mat Su Valley Autumn” makes me want to hit the road and head north to Alaska so badly in 2013. I also appreciate your unique take on Lost Dutchman SP. Congrats on an amazing year, Ron. Wishing you the best in the new year!

  7. What can I say Ron – but wow… your work continues to inspire and wonder if adoption of a 45 yr old is out of the question?

  8. Sedona Snow is just an incredible image. The lighting, snow, sky and contrasting colors
    just demanded my attention. You do tremendous work and inspire me to try some of
    this near my home in the northeast.

  9. Congrats on a great year in pictures Ron! Love the Norther Lights photos. Wishing you a safe trip to Antarctica and rest of 2013 filled with great light.

  10. Your photographs are an inspiration to anyone interested in Alaska, or maybe even Vegas, (chuckle). I like this whole selection, though my favorites are the first two and the Canoes. Look forward to seeing more in 2013.

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