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Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

This is a photo from 2007.  I thought this would be a really cool place for 3D video, so this past fall we hiked back in to the location with my 3D gear.  And speaking of 3D video,  my HD 3D video sampler was just featured on the 3D Vision blog today.  I am very grateful they have included the clip!  One of the nice things about being featured on this 3D Vision Blog, is that Anton  has links at the bottom of the post where you can actually download the video for viewing on your own system – keep in mind, you do need to have a 3D system to view the footage in 3D.

This is effectively the same 3D video being featured by Nvidia on their 3D Vision Live website.  I say effectively as my original video had some parallax issues which I have now fixed, and I added a few more clips including a couple more 3D time-lapse clips that I created recently in Seward.  Nvidia also has the new clip and should be updating their website with the footage in the next day or two.

Unfortunately I know many subscribers to my blog won’t be able to view these in 3D, but hopefully you will still find my progress in this new area interesting.

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