Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park Nevada 

Man, Valley of Fire State Park is awesome!  Endless geographical colors and patterns, the photo opportunities are everywhere.  Despite numerous recommendations, I had never visited this state park – I won’t make that mistake again, heck it is only an hour from Las Vegas.

We hiked into and explored an area appropriately named Fire Canyon.  That is Janine peering out of one of many caves in the canyon.

According to a sign in the parking area – “In this region, forces within the earth have been powerful enough to cause thousands of feet of surface rock to fold, break, and in some areas push several miles from their original location.  Today, erosion has worn away the top of one great fold, exposing the sharply angles layer of rock, and creating numerous  canyons.”  In short, it is just a cool place!

Here are more Valley of Fire State Park Photos.

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  1. Awesome shot! I bet you will have a hard time leaving that area! How many more days will you be there? I can just “picture” you now. You are probably like I would be if I were there shooting – like a kid in a candy store right?

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    Hey thanks Sherri!

    Kid in a candy store is a good analogy! We are here until Tuesday morning – I don’t know if we will have time to get to the Valley of Fire again, but then we are off to another candy store – Zion!

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  4. I’ve gone there every spring break sence I was five.

    I’m now 14 and get to go on Friday!

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  6. i can’t wait until my next trip to nevada, we’ve visited red rock canyon several times and was just told about fire canyon. it looks beautiful from the pictures. this makes the trip to vegas a vacation instead of a trip or gambling event.

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