Fire Cave

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Fire Cave, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

Fire Cave, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

I have also seen this secret spot referred to as Windstone Arch.  Whatever it is called, it is cool!

I’m always surprised at just how rich a glow is created when you have sun reflecting off red rock, onto more red rock.  I actually had to desaturate this a bit, although my camera does seem to run a bit hot with reds.   There is an endless number of areas worth exploring at Valley of Fire- numerous caves, arches, colorful sandstone, I’m surprised, but glad this area isn’t more popular.


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  1. Ron,

    Again very nice! I am amazed at your work. Is this near elephant rock/arch? I am impressed.

    I am not sure how long you in Vegas, but you should check out Anniversary Canyon/Narrows in the Lake Mead NRA. That is quite stunning, especially at sunset when you get lots of reflected light off the canyon walls further up the canyon.



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    Hi Chris,

    Hey thanks for the tip on Anniversary Canyon – I will check it out when I get a chance.

    This spot was in the Jumbo Rocks area no too far from the West Entrance.



  3. Sizzlin! Looks like a cool place to also do some stitches? I was just wondering about the crop of that pillar in the foreground Ron…

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    Thanks guys!

    I hear you on the crop Mark – I was trying to keep some direct sunlight out of the scene – I might need to go back at a little different time of day. It would be a great place for some stitches.



  5. Very cool, Ron! I have a painting of this cave by a local Utah artist hanging in my house. There’s nothing quite like that magical glow of sandstone.


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