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Brown bear with a red salmon, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Brown bear with a red salmon, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

I hadn’t planned on photographing more bears this week, but a video assignment found me in the middle of bear country not too far from my home in Seward on Wednesday.   This is an image from that day.  The fishing was good and the salmon everywhere.  If this bear caught a male, it might peel some of the skin off, but as often as not, it would just toss it back.  It definitely was after the row in the females.  When it did catch a female, the salmon eggs were about all she would eat.  Times are good when you are living on just caviar!

In the morning I head north for almost two weeks.  Much of that time will be in Denali – I’m really excited to have drawn permit dates during the peak of the fall colors – I have been trying to get these dates for over 10 years!

I probably won’t worry too much about bears on this trip, but I would really like to improve on my coverage of caribou and moose – not to mention landscapes and fall colors.  Northern lights would be a real bonus.  If I have time, when I come out of the park for gas and showers, I will post an update here – but, it is possible that I won’t have the time in which case I’ll see you when I get back!

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  1. Ron, have a great trip! You have wonderful photos on everything. Hope the weather is somewhat cooperative for you, but know you will get great photos one way or the other. Be safe, and will be looking forward to your posts and photos.

  2. Love the bear photo! I went fishing “with bears”, but didn’t see bears this year 🙁 (Saw plenty last year). This past Sunday I did the trip to Kantishna (in Denali National Park), and the colors are gorgeous! We saw plenty of “critters”, too! I know you have to be incredibly excited to have gotten the dates that you did! Good luck and hope all those animals, colors, and Northern Lights will cooperate!

  3. Ill be there Sep 3-5 ! Hoping to get permits for some unit close to the road between toklat and Eielson. This time am there mostly for wildlife and will be walking the road quite a bit. If you see an indian guy with a yellow gregory backpack stop and say hi !

  4. Great Bear shot Ron, you got to love the fish in his mouth. Have a great time in Denali, wish I was there too. One of my Flickr contacts is, Rebecca, she is a bus driver in Denali and she has been posting some great pictures.

  5. Great shot! Looks like the reds are running. Kenai river?
    Congrats on getting the Denali permits during fall colors.
    Should be gorgeous, would really like to go there sometime during peak fall colors.
    Hard to believe we were there in Kantishna only 3 weeks ago and it is now fall there.
    Hope you have good luck with the weather and light, including the Northern kind.

  6. Post

    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Terry – great to hear you saw lots of critters! I’m looking forward to it.

    @ Anand Yellow Gregory backpack – I’ll keep my eyes open for you. I have a white pickup with camper – wave if you see me – it will be nice to meet you!

    @ Dennis – I’ll have to take a peak at her stuff – thanks!

    @ Wayne That was only 3 weeks ago – wow summer goes fast! Thanks!


  7. Great bear shot! Enjoy yourself in Denali – I can’t wait to see your photos. The fall colors should be incredible.

  8. I guess I was reading too fast, ’cause I thought I said that you were going to be in denial, haha. 🙂 That’s a nice place to be, too! 😉

    This is a lovely shot, and I must say that you’re both very lucky and -talented to capture these moments! 🙂

  9. We met your mom and dad at the fair last Wed. when we were on our way up to Denali. They said that you were headed in that direction, too. We looked for you all the way up to Wonder Lake. Just kidding. Your mom told me that we wouldn’t see you though we saw lots of trucks with campers. The colors wer electric this past weekend, wouldn’t you say???? Lots to see and photograph. We had a blast. Can’t wait to see your photographs. Loved Seward, Homer, the Kenai River area, too… all so colorful in such different ways, though Denali was unbelievable with all that golden glow. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Hope you had fun. Could you believe the weather this past Saturday, 9/3? It was perfect! We were on that 6:15 AM bus to Wonder Lake and not a drop of rain anywhere until about 9:00 PM that night on our way out of the park to dinner. How perfect is that????

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    Thanks a lot everyone! I had an amazing trip – photos to follow in the morning.

    @ Renate I like being in denial 🙂

    @ Marlene That is great you ran into my parents. You are right, the colors are amazing! I kept saying wow, wow wow myself – it was incredible! On the 3 I was out near the front of the park at about mile 18 hiking way up into the mountains after a huge caribou. It was a great way to spend the day!

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