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Ice flows on Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

Ice flows on Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska.

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Resurrection Bay is the Northern most ice free port in North America, so it is unusual to see ice pans forming – especially in November.  This is due to the combination of heavy snow and virtually no wind.  This was yesterday.  Today the wind has picked up, and the snow / ice pans are already gone.  I thought they did make for a neat foreground.

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  1. How about a deal of paying for some priority mail shipping of a rather large crate, say big enough to hold a 6’7″ guy and 40 lb of camera gear from Michigan to Alaska?

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  3. I wondered what those little patches of ice were called. Ice pans, huh!?! What a neat and descriptive name. They make a beautiful foareground for the mountains too!

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    Hi Joni,


    Yeah, it colder weather, those pans will continue to grow and can become very large. Kind of fascinating.

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