Freeway Interchange

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Freeway photo

This is an aerial view of the 110 and 105 freeway in Los Angeles.

I think the lines created from this freeway interchange are graceful when viewed from the air.  It is amazing to see so many cars in one place.  In this little stretch of highway there are far more cars then within a 100 miles of our home in Alaska. 

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  2. This is really amazing, too. The composition is great — I agree with you, it’s amazing how graceful those freeways look from that perspective. I really like the choice of the very wide angle here and how you’ve brought out bright colors.

  3. I am a truck driver and I use to drive all the ways in these crazy freeway interchanges. This one especially is VERY massive, maybe one of the biggest in California, even in the entire United States

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    Hi Laurent,

    Wow, I hate driving a small rental car through this area, I can’t imagine what it would be like to drive a truck – especially given all the crazy drivers out there!



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