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  2. The full moon was incredible last night! We couldn’t believe how bright it was last night with the moon reflecting on the snow.

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  5. hi ron..
    great pictures..was generally curious on how does the Alaska ship cruises enrich you as purely an amateur photographer..i mean video or still the experience worthwhile? I am seriously thinking on being one…your thoughts n this please..also hve you been to India..kashmir,rajesthan or backwaters of Kerala?.may be you could consider coming to these palces..and I could come to alaska..or other gud places..a video or a coffee table book can follow. think about it.
    take care.

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    Thanks Sanjeev,

    A cruiseship is a very easy, comfortable way to see Alaska and definitely a worthwhile experience – but it is a little tough for photography. Traveling around independently is a better approach in my opinion.

    I haven’t been to India or in of the other areas you describe – there are some many beautiful areas in the world, I wish I cold see more of them!



  7. Hello, I love your pictures, I am wondering if it would be OK with you if I used some of your images to create paintings. I am an amateur painter and I paint mostly for my own enjoyment. Thanks for letting me know. Barb

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    Thanks Barb. Feel free to use them for reference. I ask that artists put their own creative twist to the final result if that makes sense.

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