Game Cam Deer

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Deer, Tortolita Mountains, Tucson, Arizona.

Male mule deer, Tortolita Mountains, Tucson, Arizona.

Back from a very fast trip to Arizona to check on the Arizona Desert Photo Retreat!  I was amazed at how green things were, evidently it has been a very wet monsoon season.  Also surprised to see wildflowers.

Judging from the game cam, the water drip worked most of the summer, and it is going again right now, although not nearly as important thanks to the summer rain.  There weren’t any big surprises on the game cam – was hoping for something like a mountain lion, or another ring-tailed cat, but it didn’t happen.  We did have a number of deer, including this young male.  I have seen many deer near our property, but only one on it until now.  Lots of javalina, including another set of babies.  A pair of red-tailed hawks also became regular visitors.  Otherwise it was the regular cast of characters including the fox with what appears to be a kit, skunks, coyotes etc.

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