Getting Low

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Brown bear, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bear, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Here I chose a very low perspective (lying on my stomach) to help thrown the foreground and background out of focus to help isolate just the bear.  I like looking up at the bear as well as I think he emphasis their intimidating size.

This was with a Canon 5D II, with a 600 f/4 lens plus 1.4 converter, shutter speed of 1/640 @ f/5.6 at ISO 400.

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  1. I love the low angle. Did you flatten out the tripod or set the lens collar on the ground. The bear look like Rick went out early and gave him a bad hair cut.

  2. Post

    Hi Andy,

    I had it pretty much on the ground – I might have had it on my jacket on camera bag.

    You are right – Rick needs to keep up on those guys!

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