Giant Panda

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Giant Panda

Giant Panda at the San Diego Zoo.  I’m a web cam junkie, and this morning I have been watching one of the Pandas on the Panda Cam at the San Diego Zoo, while it feeds and plays in its enclosure.  There is much more activity taking place this morning then when we visited, this is probably true for most animals at the Zoo.  It would really be fun to be able to visit near sunrise one day – too bad then don’t open it early, even if it was just one day a week.  What they should do is open early one morning a week, or even one morning a month and make it for members only.  This would be a great membership benefit. 

We made the long drive from San Diego to Tucson, and have rented a couple days of time at a wildlife blind in Southern Arizona.  We will be there for Tuesday through Thursday.  I’m really looking forward to this opportunity – if we have internet while there, I will post updates on this experience. 

We then plan on spending the three day weekend in the Phoenix area where I’m hoping the traffic won’t be nearly as bad as it is during the work week – at least during the mornings.

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  1. Ron….your photography is incredible and is especially meaningful as my husband and I have just returned from a 12,000 mile road trip across America. One of our stops was San Diego, and of course, the Wild Animal Park and Zoo. I was fascinated with Zhen Zhen, the 9 mo. old cub and was fortunate to capture him tumbling about while chewing on bamboo.
    Are you ever interested in receiving photos from amateurs? I will also be a “Shamless Self Promoter” and say I am very pleased with several of my efforts. In all, I took over 7,000 over a two month period with my Cannon 20D (I want to trade up). Am in the process of reducing that # to a manageable DVD. I was intrigued that we share some of the same photographic tips…natural lighting, sunsets/sunrise/cloudy days, etc. BTW, my husband lived in Alaska as a child and returned to do commercial fishing during the summers. He was wondering if you are Norwegian as he is. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

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    Hi Emma – missed your comment at the time you wrote it – thanks a lot, sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

    Thanks smitty12 !

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