Gila Woodpecker

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Gila Woodpecker

A Gila Woodpecker tends to a nest cavity in a Saguaro Cactus – McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona.

Gila Woodpeckers sometimes reuse their nest cavity, but often build a new one.  This seems to be inefficient, but you know what is really cool; their old cavities are used by all kinds of birds and even snakes – animals that aren’t able to dig their own cavity.  It is just one of the millions of little things that constantly amazes me about nature.  Every creature plays a role in our world.

Saturday we returned to Anza Borrego.  Janine has some family business in OC, and I thought this seemed like a good place to spend a few more days before returning back to Alaska.

Here are more bird photos.

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  3. Hey Ron,

    Nice. you always seem able to wonder in to someplace and grab great images. I find a bird nest the other day, and it’s buried in a grove of trees so thick it’s impossible to shoot. You get stuff like this! Great clean image.



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    Hey thanks a lot Carl!

    These guys are a lot easier to photograph then any bird in the boreal forest that’s for sure. It is much more difficult where you are.



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  7. I was wondering if you would mind if I used your bird from this photo in a quilt I am making. I have a photo of a cactus with a hole in it similar to this but would like to include a native bird in my quilt. I paint the pictures on my fabric and embellish with thread work.

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