Giving away a bunch of cool fun stuff!

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When you sell a photo, it isn’t uncommon to receive copies of any publications in which your images appear.  I must admit, even after all these years it is fun seeing your images in print, especially on the cover.

Unfortunately, we have a small house that barely has room for our junk, so we end up throwing away a lot of valuable items.  I got to thinking, I rather pay the postage and send this stuff to someone who could use it then just see it go to waste, so that is why I have decided to give it away.

How do you qualify?  All you have to do is leave a comment either on this blog post, or on the corresponding entry in Facebook letting me know you are interested.  You don’t have to write anything fancy, “Count me in” would do just fine.  Since I’m just doing this to be nice and not to increase my follower numbers, you don’t have to worry about spamming your friends by re-tweeting this on Twitter or sharing it on Facebook to qualify – just tell me you are interested.  This should make the odds of winning much higher, and the winner will be someone who really wants this stuff.  Of course, I don’t mind if you give me a shout out.

So what am I giving away?  The best thing is this Guide to Zion.  It is a great book, with nice maps and descriptions, and will cost you $20 bucks at the Zion Visitor Center.  I also have some smaller, but very nice guide books including Stirring the Senses, Denali Road Guide and Denali Walks.   I also have a bunch of 2011 Calenders.  A Zen of Hiking calendar, a kayaking calender, a nice Audubon calendar, a Northern Lights calendar.  There are a couple magazines as well like Sunset.  I also found an extra CD – I’m keeping one but the other one will go.  If  other stuff arrives and I can fit it in the box, I’ll add it!

I’ll do the drawing on Friday – I’ll make a list of each person who is interested, add a number next to their name, and then I’ll use a random number generator.  So, put your name down before Friday and good luck!

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  1. Count me in! Thanks! I’ve been following the blog for a while now… just wanted to say “Love it!” Keep up the great work!

  2. I’m up with my sweet baby – thus the late hour…: ) But I’ll hop in on this chance at a fun giveaway if I’m not too late. Very thoughtful of you to offer!

  3. RON! I hope this goes through today……I tried about 4 times yesterday! I LIVED in Seward this summer while working on the “cruise” train as a bartender and tour guide. I tried to show some of the beauty (they might not already be seeing) through photos. I noticed several of my books must have grown legs and walked off. My favorite was Stirring the Senses, which I had gotten while on one of my Kenai Fjords tours. eeeerrrrrrrrr I really liked that one. I’m so in love with Alaska, I’m applying to work up there again this summer. BTW, take a look at my website ( and you might see some familiar sites. Each day I look forward to seeing the photos you post, as they make me feel like I’m at home again!!! I get butterflies in my stomach when I see them.

  4. Hi! I admire your work. Please add me to your list for the raffle! Thanks!
    BTW I found about your work from my co-worker Scott Anderson.

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    If your comment comes before this one, you made the drawing. I’m going to start making the list now.

    Thanks again everyone for all the nice comments!

    @ Terry – Cool, I’ll have to check out your website! Good luck at finding a job up here next summer!


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  7. It will be real cool to receive some of the stuff / magazines….In case I have missed the deadline, please count me in for the next time you decide to give stuff away. Thanks much Ron.

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