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When you sell a photo, it isn’t uncommon to receive copies of any publications in which your images appear.  I must admit, even after all these years it is fun seeing your images in print, especially on the cover.

Unfortunately, we have a small house that barely has room for our junk, so we end up throwing away a lot of valuable items.  I got to thinking, I rather pay the postage and send this stuff to someone who could use it then just see it go to waste, so that is why I have decided to give it away.

How do you qualify?  All you have to do is leave a comment either on this blog post, or on the corresponding entry in Facebook letting me know you are interested.  You don’t have to write anything fancy, “Count me in” would do just fine.  Since I’m just doing this to be nice and not to increase my follower numbers, you don’t have to worry about spamming your friends by re-tweeting this on Twitter or sharing it on Facebook to qualify – just tell me you are interested.  This should make the odds of winning much higher, and the winner will be someone who really wants this stuff.  Of course, I don’t mind if you give me a shout out.

So what am I giving away?  The best thing is this Guide to Zion.  It is a great book, with nice maps and descriptions, and will cost you $20 bucks at the Zion Visitor Center.  I also have some smaller, but very nice guide books including Stirring the Senses, Denali Road Guide and Denali Walks.   I also have a bunch of 2011 Calenders.  A Zen of Hiking calendar, a kayaking calender, a nice Audubon calendar, a Northern Lights calendar.  There are a couple magazines as well like Sunset.  I also found an extra CD – I’m keeping one but the other one will go.  If  other stuff arrives and I can fit it in the box, I’ll add it!

I’ll do the drawing on Friday – I’ll make a list of each person who is interested, add a number next to their name, and then I’ll use a random number generator.  So, put your name down before Friday and good luck!

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  1. I’m definitely interested.
    It’s pretty cool you’ve decided to give this concept a try instead of just tossing it out.
    Thanks for doing that!

  2. Hey Ron, thanks for the great offer, I’d gladly take some of your treasures off of your hand!
    -Josh Gibney

  3. Yes-I am very interested in your junk of prizes, it would look great on my walls at home. after all you have educated me through your profession and it would be my delight to educate your profession to my guest at my home and I might also give away your stuff I would win to my friends or guest and giving them an opprptunity to go to your website

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  5. Remember, I’m your favorite fan! And always up for “cool and fun”! Besides, no added postage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi – I would love to be counted in. I am visiting Alaska for the first time for my 1st Anniversary/Honeymoon next September and will be visiting the Kenai Peninsula as well as Denali, so anything along those lines would be quite enjoyable!

  7. I love looking at your photos, they capture (much better than I ever could!) places I’ve been and loved, and places I hope to visit in the future. Count me in!

  8. I hope you can count me in, I would love to get a copy of one of your treasures, especially the one in zion. Also, planning to go to AK in the nearby future, any of those guide books would be extremely helpful. I am a fan of your photography but very seldom leave comments here 🙁

  9. Hi Ron, oh my gosh so generous of you! I have been following you on facebook for a year or so. The pics that posted of the red canyons are breath taking. I sooo hope to make it out to Zion one day. You are truly blessed that you make a living and a life experiencing all these amazing places and landscapes. Happy holidays to you!


  10. It appears my last comment didn’t make it in. I think this is a great idea and very generous on your part. I would love to receive some of your work. Your an inspiration Ron!

  11. Count me in, Ron. I can’t believe you’re getting rid of your ‘stuff’ but I’ve got room for it here at home. Two of my favourite places are Alaska and the SW USA so any info is always useful.

  12. heck yah iam in! what a great assortment of wonderful information from a very kind person. way to go!beautiful cover shots

  13. Ron,

    I enjoy your blog and follow it regularly. I have several of the wildlife photos in the Zion Guide as well. I was delighted to see your work on the cover.

    I still recall with fondness the time spent shooting in Alaska. That was a magical time for me and I hope you enjoyed it as well. I hope to get back there one day and will look you up when I do. Give me a holler when you get to Southern Utah again and we will go shoot together.

  14. Hi Ron,

    I would love to receive such a generous gift! I love your photography and blog and have visited Alaska several times. The Denali and Zion books would be particularly fabulous as I’ve visited both places and wish I had more information.

    As I live in Australia, I’d be more than happy to pay the postage should I be the lucky winner! Thanks for the chance!


  15. Count me in as well. I love the daily entries and always look forward to the stories about them as well. Thanks again for all your time and a big thanks for the goodies…..

  16. This is a great idea! I’ve also been growing under a pile of publications that keeps growing in my office/basement. However, please do not send me anything. 😉

  17. Hi Ron,
    Great! I sure would be interested. I want to take one of your workshops one day also.
    (Have to save $)… I take tons of bird pictures around here Tidewater, VA. I’ve been to Alaska
    and love it over there. I like guides and information to learn things about places, nature, and of course taking pictures! I enjoy your blog everyday and your pictures are beautiful! Anyway, Please count me in!

  18. Count me in. Only regret I have is not picking up some of your prints when I was in Seward 2 yrs ago visiting family. Love your work!!!! I did pick up the book from the Kenai Fjords wildlife cruise.

  19. Post

    Thanks a lot everyone for all the really nice comment – I appreciate it!

    @ Lynn – I remember that time fondly as well. Too bad those efforts never made it on the air – next time!

    @ Noella – I didn’t think about that, but I know there are many followers here from over seas. If an over seas person wins, I’ll figure out something – maybe shipping it a slower, cheaper method the Priority, or maybe applying what I would have paid for U.S. shipping to the overseas shipping cost.

  20. I’d like the Zen hiking, kayaking or Northern lights calendar (in order of preference) if no one else has their eye on it. Thanks, very nice of you.

  21. Post
  22. Ron, I’d love to be in on this. I’ll even save you the postage, and just stop by to pick it up!
    Thanks, and keep snapping those mountain shots; love ’em!

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