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A homeless person sleeps on a sidewalk in downtown San Francisco, California.

A homeless person sleeps on a sidewalk in downtown San Francisco, California.

I was attracted to the dichotomy of the high rise building and glamorous model compared to the homeless person sleeping on a sidewalk early yesterday morning.  I was glad he didn’t hear me taking this photo.

Some more random thoughts:

San Francisco is a very interesting city.  Along with the fancy buildings and wealthy businesses and individuals is a large homeless population.  I  don’t remember seeing so many homeless in a city except maybe in Reno.  Along with the homeless is a large population of, for lack of a better word, weird people.  After just one full day, seeing someone walking around talking to themselves doesn’t even draw my attention any more.

San Francisco has to be right up there in cell phones per capital and by in large the most technically advanced population that I have encountered.  Last night I saw a person digging through trash cans for recycled bottles stop to answer a cell phone!

Thanks to Priceline, we were able to rent a nice car for $21 per day – I didn’t except to pay more then twice as much for a 24 hour parking spot then I did for the actual car!  Although that is part of what makes San Francisco great – thanks to a wonderful mass transit system, you really don’t need a vehicle unless you are heading out of town.

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  1. SF is never shy about showing off its characters…people, buildings, or nature. Love the contrast in your image between the homeless man and the sexy model, Ron.

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  3. Dare I say that this is a great photo. 😮

    If you need some advice on parking and getting around the city let me know. I have both lived near Union Square and also in Daly City.

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    Thanks Richard!

    And thanks for the offer on advice – we seem to be managing – we have our 3 day muni pass and are getting around pretty well. Thanks.

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