Going Back to Antarctica!

Running Zodiacs in this amazing environment was one of my favorite activities down in Antarctica.  Although, walking around the penguin colonies, or taking a hike up an old volcano was also really cool.  Heck, who am I fooling, it is all amazing!

So I’m honored to say Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris has hired me to return!  It is going to be a wonderful trip that will also include the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands..  Looks like many of the staff from last year’s trip will be returning, including a long time Alaskan friend of mine Hugh Rose who again will be the Expedition Leader.  He does a wonderful job as leader – not a lot of people have 15 years of guiding experience down there like he does.  Little did I know when I meet Hugh aboard a Kenai Fjords Tour almost 20 years ago how that chance meeting would impact my life so many years later!

You can read more about the trip here:  Cheeseman’s Antarctica Trip.  I  believe it is almost sold out.

As a side note, the gentleman taking my photo on the back of the Zodiac is my friend Rawdon who will be joining me on my bear tour for the third or fourth summer in a row!