Golf Course at The Phoenician

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Golf Course at The Phoenician

Canyon Golf Course at The Phoenician, Scottsdale, Arizona.

My time in the Phoenix area wouldn’t be complete without some coverage of the resorts in the area – resorts like these, along with the weather are really why most people visit this area.  I gotta say this is a pretty easy place to photograph!  I didn’t get scratched by a single cactus, or even bitten by any bugs, although I do seem a little more at home getting bitten and scratched out in the desert somewhere.

Here are more Scottsdale photos.

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  1. great shot Ron again. curious as to how are you able to get into the courses, are they fenceless or were you on assignment?

    yeah i think i’m a bit more comfortable getting bit by mosquitoes or by blinding people w/ flash in a nightclub.

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    Hey thanks Paul!

    Thanks Richard. We were able to get a fairly cheap rate, so we bit the bullet and stayed there – it is the only way to really get access. Hopefully it will pay off.

    We do that sometimes – we try to find a cheap rate at a resort through Priceline or some other means – we usually don’t care which resort or what day, so that allows us to be more flexible in finding a deal.



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  4. Neat way to combine photography and golf. I usually am so busy concentrating on my golf game so I never thought of brining my camera. After seeing how lovely this shot is, though, I think I will pack it when I’m playing on a particularly beautiful course.

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