Good Bye Brady Bunch Kitchen!

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If you read the My Excuse post, you will know we have been working hard to remodel our home – new paint, carpet, blinds, etc.  The hardest, but most rewarding part was the two weeks we spent on the kitchen.  In stock cabinets, vinyl floor and Formica counters won’t get it showcased in Sunset Magazine, but it is sure a huge improvement for us!  Here is the end result:


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  1. Hey Ron,

    The orange goes nicer with your ‘subscribe now’ icon.


    Just kiddin buddy – very cool, congrats, and I’m sure you’ll both enjoy the change – if you’re ever home long enough to notice it.



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    Thanks Carl!

    Didn’t think of trying to match the subscribe button. 🙂

    Hopefully we aren’t home too much, but it should be nice when we are.


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  5. Great job on the kitchen now mine looks like a needed remodel…LOL
    We went to Exit Glacier last night the trail was groomed out to the look out
    we stopped at the face of the glacier and listened to a couple of avalance’s
    come down, we could not see them but sounded awsome. Happy Holidays
    keep on bloggin…DB

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    Hey thanks DB,

    It is amazing how loud an avalanche is – cool story.

    You know, I was just thinking of going for a ski out there and was wondering if it had been groomed at all – thanks for the update!

    Merry Christmas,


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    Wow Doug,

    Just got back from skiing out there, must have heard 5 avalanches come down in that time – they sounded like planes flying overhead!


  8. Hey Ron,

    I just thought – you should take this photo and make it into one of those cartoons, where the viewer has to mark down all the things that are different between the 2. 🙂



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