Good bye Sahara Las Vegas

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Inside of the Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Inside of the Sahara Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before my quick trip for a conference in Las Vegas this spring, I heard the Sahara Hotel and Casino would be closing down for good – actually this upcoming weekend will be the last for this 60 year old Las Vegas icon  as it closes for good on May 16th.

Back in the day, this was one of the most popular places to “hang outs”  if you were someone famous – or, wanted to see someone famous.  The Sahara often hosted members of the Rat Pack including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.  Famous comedians like Johnny Carson have performed shows here, heck in 1964, even the Beatles stayed here!

So, I figured I better hop on the monorail so that I could get some images of the place before it was too late.  I’m kind of sorry I hadn’t photographed some of the other old hotels before they were imploded.

It is funny, typically you only have a few seconds to get a photo from inside a casino before security moves in and asks you to stop.  I had a feeling that employees about to lose their jobs might be a little more complacent.  Sure enough – I photographed away without problem. Even a security guard walked by without saying anything.

Makes me wonder what the rules are if you stay the last night at a hotel.  Will they even bother cleaning the rooms afterwords?  Can you keep the robes?  Do they bother with a room deposit?  I’m guessing things are probably pretty crazy that last night.  I also wonder what will happen to the mono-rail station.  This is the only stop on the North end of the Strip, it would be too bad to lose this convenient mass transit option – but the stop leads you right through the casino.  I suppose they will come up with some kind of temporary work around.  Anyway, good bye Sahara.

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  1. Yeah – I agree with Richard…great lines in this shot. Even the chairs and tables lead my eyes into the photo.

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  3. Very interesting thoughts about what it might be like on the last night of a hotel. I like that. I’m surprised the Sahara lasted as long as it did. It stayed years beyond it’s “brothers and sisters” who were torn down.

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