Got Snow?

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Snowy trees in the Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

Snowy trees in the Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

Here is another one from December, back when we had lots of snow.  A warm rainstorm wiped it all out, and now sunny cold weather has kept us relatively snow-less – at the same time, it seems like much of the lower 48 has been receiving lots of snow.  I think that is about to change, we picked up a few inches yesterday, and it looks like we should revive a lot more later this week.  Fingers crossed!

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  1. The trees do a nice job framing the mountain and the beautiful blue/pink sky. The top of the first tree on the left is starting to look like a poodle’s head to me the more I look at it.

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  3. Love deep snow shots like that! We’re experiencing similar current conditions here in Jackson Hole. It’s been very warm the last few days with temps up in the high 30s. While there’s still plenty on the ground, much of it melted away over the weekend. Hopefully we get winter back soon.

  4. The pink sky…like heaven light…
    Where I can see some images of “Northern Lights”? I have not seen on Wildnature..
    Have a nice day, Ron!!!

  5. A beautiful photograph Ron, as usual. And I love the light at the peak of the mountain. But if you’re looking for your lost snow, you can claim it here in Connecticut: we got 30″ last week, an ice storm last night and we’re headed for another heavy load on Friday. We’ve had nearly five FEET since Christmas. Just see the clerk at the state border and she’ll be happy to issue you a free permit to haul as much of this as you like back to Alaska. I saw a guy from a local hardware store interviewed on TV: normally he sells “about three” snow rakes (long rakes with 15-20′ poles) a year and last week he sold 300 (at a cool $50-60 per). You might want to buy a dozen or so of these and put them on the front porch with a “Snow Rakes for Sale” sign–that is, if the snow ever decides to leave New England and go home to the north 🙂

  6. Hi Ron,
    I really like the colors in this picture. I like the way my eyes are drawn to the mountain and sky, makes me want to go there.. On Dec. 26 we had 14 inches of snow here in Yorktown VA,which is a big deal around here! Hope you get more snow soon. Also want to thank you very much for all of the books, calendars and magazines you sent to me when I won your give away drawing!! Your pictures in them are beautiful, and I am enjoying them very much,thanks again, it was very nice of you!

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    Thanks for all the great comments!

    @ Nathan – 70 plus degrees sounds kind of nice!

    @ Jeff – send the snow on up! 🙂 I figure, if was are going to have the cold, we might as well have the snow!

    @ Dena You are welcome, glad you received it ok.

    @ Stefania I really need to add more to my Northern Light collection, you can see a few here:

    Thanks again!

  8. Sure, I’ve got snow. Not like this though. The blue tones, the framing, and the leading lines are very engaging. That little bit of warm light………….so good!

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    Thanks Paul!

    I saw that on the news. I’m jealous – the only precipitation we have received since this time has been rain. 🙁 I might have to move south if I want nice snow!

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  11. Thank you! Those are a lot of good practical tips that i did not think of. I am going out tomorrow and Friday so hopefully i will get some beautiful snowy pictures 🙂 And will definitely put those tips to use!

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