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I thought this was a fitting photo as we have been working on plans for an extended trip to the Grand Canyon this upcoming May, and possibly another one next September / October.  Although, it sounds like getting back country permits can be a bit tough for the popular areas during those popular months, so we really won’t know much until January at the earliest.  One of these years I think it would be fun to stay at the Phantom Ranch, but I haven’t had any luck there, and read recently that a cabin at the Ranch is one of the hardest reservations to obtain in the United States.  I think I’ll just keep trying every month, and if we get lucky one of these days then we are on it!

This was from our last visit to the Grand Canyon during an extended Winter trip through the Southwest back in 2004 – I can’t believe it was 8 years ago, wow how time flies!

The one thing that stands out from this morning was the camping in single digit temperatures – it was cold!  Seemed strange that at the time Arizona was colder in February then it was back home in Alaska.

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  1. Great shot Ron. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon three times, two of them in January, which I think is the best time to visit the touristy areas despite the cold. Hope you are able to secure the permits. Do you know if the trails are busy too in May or do most people stay on the rim?

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    Hi Richard,

    I’m not sure how busy the trails are, but if you want to overnight in one of the campgrounds down in the canyon you need a permit, and that process sounds a bit like a lottery, and as I understand it, May permits can be difficult to come by. You can apply after January 1 for May dates, so I’m about to find out!

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    It is my understanding that the trails are busy in May / September due to the ideal hiking temps. I think the Rim is busy in the summer thanks do summer vacation and cooler temps up high.

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  5. I thought it was tough getting a booking for the cabin at Anan Bay!! It had to be done by the exact minute — not easy when you have to take time difference into consideration. After a few missed opportunities I managed it eventually and what a superb spot for the black and brown bears.

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    Hi Nina – I have not been there, but from everything I have read it sounds amazing!

    I started dialing for Phantom Ranch at the exact minute it opened for reservations and dialed two phones non stop for over an hour and could never get through.

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